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Top 10 Most Followed K-pop Idols on Instagram 2022

Who are the most famous K-pop symbols on Instagram in 2022? Figure out in this rundown of the main 10 most followed K-pop icons on Instagram.

Korean famous music is a recent fad via web-based entertainment these days. The K-pop icons have huge fan followings on different virtual entertainment stages like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Here we will discuss the fame of K-pop icons on Instagram in 2022. You would be shocked to realize that main two K-pop gathering's individuals own the most followed Instagram accounts. Those two Kpop bunches are Blackpink and BTS. 6 individuals from BTS and 4 individuals from Blackpink bunch have made their place among the main ten most followed K-pop symbols on Instagram in 2022. How about we run down the rundown and let us know the names of K-pop symbols you are following on Instagram in the remark segment.

10. RM



Kim Nam-Joon also known as RM is in tenth spot among the most followed Kpop icons on Instagram with over 34m devotees. He is a rapper, musician, and record maker by calling. He was brought into the world on twelfth September 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. At this point, he is the head of one of the most well known Kpop bunches on the planet BTS. His first solo mixtape RM came in 2015 and second mixtape came in 2018. The second mixtape hopped at 26 on the US Billboard 200 and turned into the most noteworthy outlining collection in graph history by any Korean soloist. His 34m fans on Instagram demonstrates his colossal notoriety via web-based entertainment.

9. Suga

Min Yoon-gi also known as Suga is one more renowned individual from the K-pop gathering BTS in this rundown. He is otherwise called Agust D and was brought into the world on 9 March 1993 in Daegu, South Korea. He is likewise a rapper, lyricist, and record maker like RM. With 34.6m Instagram adherents, he effectively takes ninth spot in this rundown of the best ten most famous K-pop symbols on Instagram. He has won twice Melon Music Awards in 2017 and 2019 and Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2020.

8. J-Hope

One of the famous K-pop rappers J-trust comes next in this rundown from the BTS bunch who moves a great many hearts around the world. He is additionally multi-gifted like other BTS individuals who can rap, songwriting, and dance. He is likewise a record maker. This K-pop star was brought into the world on 18 February 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea. His most memorable solo mixtape Hope World acquired him achievement and enormous fan followings across the world. He is genuinely a virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with and star of the K-pop world. He effectively gets eighth spot among the most followed K-pop icons on Instagram with 35.1m supporters.

7. Jin

We can't overlook Kim Seok-jin also known as Jin while shortlisting the name of the most followed Kpop icons on Instagram. Assuming you follow the BTS K-pop gathering, you should know this capable artist and musician. He was brought into the world on fourth December 1992 in Gwacheon-si, South Korea. At this point, his Instagram account has 35.1 million supporters from all over the world. He has made 44 Insta posts and following 7 Inst records up until this point. His fan followings on Instagram are expanding consistently.

6. Jimin

South Korean artist and artist Jimin comes in sixth spot in this rundown of most followed Insta K-pop icons in 2022. He is another BTS part who has made the main ten soon after Jungkook of BTS. He rouses a huge number of fans across the world which should be visible on his Insta account. Despite the fact that he isn't a lot of dynamic on Instagram yet his fans never pass up on an opportunity to like, and remark on his posts. With just 16 Instagram posts, this K-pop icon has pulled 35.6 million adherents. He was brought into the world on 13 October 1995 in Busan, South Korea. He has been won the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit grant in 2018.

5. Jungkook

The most followed male K-pop icon in this rundown of top 10 most followed Kpop symbols on Instagram in 2022. He has truly 40.2m supporters on Instagram up to this point which assisted him with acquiring the fifth spot here. He is an individual from the male Kpop bunch BTS and is viewed as perhaps the best and famous K-pop symbol. This Kpop star gets a great many hearts on each transfer on Instagram from his fans across the world. At this point, he has made 37 posts just on Instagram so far including pictures, reels, and recordings.

4. Rosé

Rosé experienced childhood in Melbourne of Australia however was brought into the world in New Zealand. By calling, she is a skilled vocalist and artist from South Korea. Without a doubt, she is one of the most followed K-pop icons on Instagram in 2022 from the female Kpop bunch Blackpink. She has 59.5m Instagram devotees which drives her fourth put on this rundown. Her 801 posts on Instagram convey her liveliness on this virtual entertainment stage. She is exceptionally dynamic in design and has even showed up on the front of VOGUE Korea.

3. Jisoo

Jisoo, one more individual from Blackpink consecutive on this rundown. She remains at third spot among the most followed Kpop icons on Instagram in 2022 with 60.5m adherents. Her Instagram page includes probably the latest Korean style and restorative items. She was likewise included on the VOGUE Korea cover. Insta posts for her additionally flaunt her excellence to the world. She is additionally considered among the most blazing and most lovely female K-pop symbols. In 2022, she was very dynamic on Instagram, posting more than different individuals.

2. Jennie

The second put for most famous Kpop icons on Instagram goes to Jennie. She has 66.9m devotees on Instagram just at this point. Jennie Kim is perceived by the stage name Jennie among fans across the world. She is likewise an individual from the female K-pop gathering Blackpink. She is simply not far behind the most followed Kpop craftsman on Instagram, Lisa. By calling, she is an astonishing artist and rapper. She was brought into the world on 16 January 1996 in Seoul, South Korea. She is refered to as one of the most smoking and most gorgeous K-pop icons in 2022.

1. Lisa

In the event that you love K-popular music, you should be know all about the name Lisa. Lalisa Manobal also known as Lisa is the main most followed K-pop icon on Instagram at this point 2022. She was brought into the world on 27 March 1997 in Thailand. She has a fair of style and an attractive character other than her music abilities. That is the reason she is viewed as one of the most sweltering K-pop female rappers at this point.

This Insta popular Kpop symbol is an individual from the female Kpop bunch Blackpink. She possesses around 78m devotees on Instagram, demonstrating her huge notoriety among fans. Her Instagram page presents that she is totally intrigued by design and magnificence.

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