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Top 10 Hottest Female Weather Reporters in 2022

 Your quest for the world's most sizzling Weather young ladies in 2022 finishes here. Follow this rundown of the main 10 most sultry female climate journalists in 2022.

Weather conditions determining becomes dull without these flawless and warm climate young ladies. At the point when these hot climate young ladies come on the TV screen for broadcasting, the temperature goes sweltering and superhot. We should have a sight at the beneath cultivated blistering and delightful female anchors on the planet and let us know your crush climate young lady in the remark portion.

10. Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft


Meteorology master Evelyn Taft, is a regarded name in the weather conditions detailing area. Her magnetic screen presence has been key in expanding the evaluations of the CBS/KCLA channels. She is quite possibly of the most renowned and most sultry female weather conditions estimate columnist in America.

As of now she is serving CBS2/KCAL 9 News channel as end of the week boss night meteorology master. This blistering climate young lady is knowledgeable in English, Hebrew, Russian and French dialects. She is a columnist, news manager, commentator, and news chief situated in America.

At the youthful age of 16, she dove into news-casting as a host for a morning show and changed to meteorology. Her introducing charm has brought her many honors as Bob Jones Award in 2003, Old Tom Morris Award, Golden Mike Award to give some examples. Likewise, she holds participation in the National Weather Association Seal of Approval.

9. Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo


Lluvia Carrillo is a nubile TV have, climate young lady, model, media individual, and Instagram star. The Mexican young lady is renowned for her dainty height and enamoring earthy colored locks.

She reports in Spanish language and when functioned as a games journalist. The wonderful moderator leaped to be a climate forecaster at Mexico's Televisa Monterrey. This sweltering climate young lady is responsible for conveying the downpour expectations to Mexican people. She has supplanted the renowned Yanet Garcia as a weather conditions anchor on this channel.

Carrillo decorated the Elegant Magazine public statement of 2017. By and by she works for the Televisa Monterrey TV Network in Mexico. The steamy climate young lady has raged the web by means of Instagram. The stunner's snaps on Instagram raise the temperature.

8. Janice Villagran

Janice Villagran

Estrella TV's weather conditions anchor, Janice Villagran is a commended news character. The Mexican excellence is renowned for her curvaceous looks with hot figure conjuring outfits. Her appealling screen presence and introducing abilities are valued by her watchers.

Villagran has procured a four year college education in correspondence science. She likewise works for I Testigo TV as a live host. Her dressing which characterizes her body's shape is her particular personality via web-based entertainment. Her enticing yet smoking hot figure procures her 1,000,000 impressions.

As of now, she is likewise essential for En Vivo USA, a diversion show. Other than that, she is likewise utilized as a careful technologist and clinical colleague. This white magnificence is being recorded among the hottest weather conditions secures, particularly in Latin America.

7. Anabel Angus

Anabel Angus


The enchanting and energetic Bolivian TV moderator, style model, design fashioner, and writer has gotten tremendous fame. She was brought into the world in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Angus began in 2002 as a chosen artist for Unitel Television's amusement show. She proceeded to have for the magazine direct in 2011. Prior to being a moderator she was a host in Calle 7. Her before moderator venture likewise incorporates her assignment as a co-have at Chicostation. Additionally, she is blasting on Instagram with 350,000 devotees. The introducing styles and articulations of this most blazing female climate columnist enthrall watchers.

She has been a brand envoy for Pantene and Kotex. Other than that, this climate young lady has additionally been recorded among the most famous models' rundown.

6. Jasmina Marazita

Jasmina Marazita


The Ecuadorian anchor, and sweltering climate correspondent, Jasmina Marazita is renowned for her beguiling looks. She is roped with Telemundo 51 news chain, Miami. This female weather conditions anchor additionally has mastery in the rush hour gridlock and amusement specialty. She holds a news-casting degree. Her meeting with artist Julio Garcia has been momentous in her profession. Her short narrative on Ecuador's destruction by the seismic tremor got her much appreciation.

Marazita is likewise a host for SBS Radio for 106.3 Hola Que Tal. She cherishes composing and is an energetic peruser as well. She facilitated a morning radio portion with his accomplice Ariel Ramirez in Romance 106.7. Her immaculate and intriguing weather conditions revealing brings her a gigantic fanbase.

5. Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez


Weather conditions announcing by gorgeous Naile Lopez switches the crowd's consideration. The hot and pretty Naile is a carefully prepared model, TV host, and meteorologist situated in Mexico. Her fan following and viewership are additionally ascribed to her looks.

Her ability has brought her weather conditions anchor assignment for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey. She satisfies the fundamentals of a climate columnist by being both brilliant and articulate. Her enticing body-embracing outfits are additionally popular.

Her conditioned and stunning figure owes her underwriting of swimwear brand, SoyLaMaria. She is pursuing for acting tasks with Televisa San Angel Studio, Mexico City. She is found in Mexico network shows as 'Como dice el dicho' and 'The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo'.

4. Sheena Parveen


Sheena Parveen

This exquisite Indian-beginning young lady moved on from Florida State University to be a meteorologist. She proceeded to be situated at the presumed NBC 4 channel, San Diego.

Her fascinating inclusion of snowstorms, storms, and cyclones added many stars to her acclaim chart. She gave a ground report of the 2013 EF5 twister of Moore, Oklahoma. Her multi day's nonstop announcing of the snowstorm of 2016 appealed the crowds. Individuals commended her live providing details regarding Hurricane Sandy at Jersey Shore.

In the wake of graduating she began as an understudy at Tallahassee News. She has been worked in many significant stations. She additionally has her show 'Pet Adoption'. In her meteorology vocation, she has worked with WCTV, Fox13, and NBC10. American Meteorological Society has badged her with a CBM seal. Primary Line Today and It Girl named her the Best TV Weather Person. A few well known magazines highlighted her among the most sultry female climate columnists on the planet.

3. Sol Perez

Sol Perez


Sol Perez is a beautiful weather conditions anchor and moving model from Argentina. She is likewise a prepared fighter and has attempted herself at the ring as well. She is a wellness freak who holds back nothing look.

This sweltering climate young lady is utilized with TyC Sports Network. Her bend displaying covering TV is unique. Her weather conditions guaging style is a hit among watchers. She is among the world's most sizzling climate young ladies in 2022.

Her Instagram account takes off with 5.6 million adherents. Her record raises the web temperature with sassy photos of the model and moderator. The blonde young lady loves to display her shapely looks and gain appreciation from her fans and supporters.

2. Susana Almeida


Susana Almeida

The second spot for most smoking female climate correspondents in 2022 goes to the Mexican weather conditions anchor Susana Almeida. She is appreciated for introducing abilities mixed with magnificence. She fills in as a moderator in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

The brunette excellence is one of the superstar commentators. The well proportioned moderator graces the channel each night and presents the weather conditions estimate of the entire country. She gives in Spanish a stellar grin embellishing her beautiful face. Her long spell on Foro TV is a defining moment in her vocation.

Despite the fact that her significant occupation is talking about weather conditions figures and securing, she likewise does demonstrating. Day to day Star Magazine granted her with the title of Best-Looking Weather Girl. She has likewise been Miss Televisa Monterrey in a marvel show by a similar name. Other than that, this warm climate young lady additionally got included on the M magazine cover.

1. Yanet Garcia


Yanet Garcia

The World's most blazing female climate journalist, Yana Garcia is a finished wonder with a mind bundle. She is the celebrated weather conditions anchor of Televisa Monterrey's Las Noticias. She is renowned for her cleaned weather conditions guaging abilities, amazing looks, and radiating grin. Her on-camera bend displaying outfits and signals are generally discussed her.

This hottest climate young lady began her expert displaying profession at 15 years old. She is a popular climate moderator, business person, virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with, entertainer, and a fruitful model. By and by she has 12 million devotees on Instagram which rate her flourishing prominence chart. She holds a degree in reporting.

Playboy magazine named her as the "One who urges individuals to watch the weather conditions estimate". Likewise, she has been a member in the Nuevo Leon magnificence show. She is an energetic wellness achiever and is a mentor on the FitPlan application. She appeared from demonstrating and back home she has a displaying school by the name, "Yanet Garcia Models".

Her acting work incorporates films like Sharknado 5 and Bellezonismo.

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