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Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Idols in 2022

 Need to realize who are the most renowned male K-pop icons in 2022? If indeed, follow this rundown of the main 10 most famous male K-pop symbols in 2022.

On the off chance that you hear Korean music, you should be following one or a portion of the famous K-pop gatherings and their craftsmen. K-pop stars are new sensations in the music and amusement world followed by a great many individuals all over the planet. Yet, how is Korean popular music culture spreading rapidly across the world? It's a direct result of a few K-pop icons and their fans who have made this conceivable. Such extraordinary and best male K-pop specialists are put in this article.

We should examine the rundown and let us know your number one male K-pop symbol in the remark segment.

10. Jimin



Park Ji-min, a South Korean entertainer, artist, and musician famously known as Jimin. He began his profession under the top of a South Korean Band named BTS. He gained his moving abilities from Dance Academy where he found out about popping and locking. Also, he learned contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts. He has uncommon dance abilities in the wake of really buckling down on his abilities he has arrived at this stage. He is an independent individual who has his most memorable independent music video in BTS and hit 100 million perspectives on Youtube with the collection named " Serendipity".

9. Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang


Zhang Yixing, otherwise known as Lay Zhang and Lay, is an exposure minister by the Communist Youth League of China. He is a popular rapper, vocalist, musician, record maker, chief, artist, and entertainer from China. Furthermore, he is likewise one of the most famous male K-pop craftsmen in 2022 from kid bunch Exo. Presently, north of 13 million individuals follow him on Instagram just and more than 3 million individuals on Twitter.

Lay was first broadcasted on the Chinese Tv ability show Star foundation and earned respect from that point. At six years old, he originally acted in the Chinese TV show featuring Huan. He acquired third spot in the TV rivalry Star Academy in the year 2005.

8. BamBam



Knupimook Bhuwakul, who is known as BamBam around the world, is a Thai vocalist in South Korea. He is an individual from Boy Band Got7. He has gone to numerous shows of the "Downpour" and was enlivened by him to begin getting the hang of moving and singing when he was only 10 years of age. Likewise, he was an individual from the dance crew We Zaa Cool with quite possibly of the most gorgeous and most smoking female K-pop icon Lisa of Blackpink. Other than that, he has additionally won the principal prize in the Thailand Rain Cover dance Competition. Discussing his fame, so he has north of 13 million supporters on Instagram and in excess of 8 million adherents on Twitter. Presumably, he is additionally one of the most famous male K-pop icons in 2022.

7. G-Dragon



On August 18, 1998, Kwon Ji-Yong is a rapper, maker, and style originator. He is otherwise called G-Dragon and prominently known by this name as it were. He became effective from his smash hit collection step by step in South Korea. Plus, he has additionally delivered a collection known as GD and TOP with Big Band bandmate. One of his well known singles "EP exceptional" was likewise granted Seoul Music Awards. He has incredible style sense and is likewise well known as a decent design originator. He was additionally named by Forbes as the most affable individual in the year 2016. At this point, he has north of 19 million supporters on Instagram and in excess of 8 million devotees on Twitter which affirms his acclaim.

6. Baekhyun


Byun Baek-Hyun, one of the famous K-pop icons, entertainers, artists, and lyricists. He was brought into the world on 6 May 1992 in South Korea. He got his preparation from SM Entertainment. In 2012 he started his excursion with the South Korean Chinese kid bunch EXO. During his secondary school days, he was a lead vocalist in a band named Honsusangtae and won the neighborhood rivalry moreover. He joined the SM projecting framework in 2011 and from that point he began becoming famous. In the year 2016, he made a two part harmony named Dream with Suzy that hit the high level progressively music graphs. Presently, he has in excess of 20 million Insta devotees and a large number of fans on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Sehun



Goodness Se-hun, notable as Sehun. An extraordinary rapper, vocalist, lyricist, entertainer, model, and artist, so why a multitalented character. Sehun is an individual from the South Korean Chinese kid bunch EXO beginning around 2012. He has great prevalence in South Korea as well as around the world. In 2017, his name was declared as the Best Dressed Man in Louis Vuitton's show for a really long time 2017 and 2018. He has additionally turned into the second South Korean male icon who is highlighted in Vogue Korea after G-Dragon. A huge number of individuals follow him as their golden calf in light of his colossal singing and rapping. Right now, he has in excess of 21 million devotees on Insta and his fans pattern him on Twitter so regularly.

4. Chanyeol



The third spot for most famous male K-pop craftsman in 2022 is totally merited by Chanyeol. Park Chan-yeol is a multitalented South Korean star who has been a rapper, vocalist, lyricist, maker, entertainer, and model. He is a piece of a south Korean Chinese kid bunch EXO. He joined EXO on 23rd February 2012.

Chanyeol claims a baritone performing voice, one of the significant causes behind his ubiquity. He has in excess of 23 million devotees on Instagram and stays a warm subject on other virtual entertainment stages as well.

3. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang


One more most famous male icon in the K-popular music world. He is an extraordinary rapper, vocalist, and artist who was brought into the world on 28 March 1994 in Hong Kong. He established perhaps of the most popular mark named Team Wang where he filled in as an imaginative chief. Other than that, he is likewise a functioning individual from Got7, a South Korean kid bunch. He is a well known entertainer and has acted in different South Korean unscripted TV dramas including Roommate, Go Fridge, Mirrors, and so forth. He is an incredible online force to be reckoned with, holding north of 23 million devotees on Instagram and more than 4 million supporters on Twitter. Without a doubt, he is a brilliant star of the Korean pop world.

2. Kim Tae-Hyung

Kim Tae-Hyung


The rising genius of the Korean music industry Kim Tae-Hyung is prominently realized by his stage name V. He is a famous male Kpop symbol from the world's most eminent Kpop bunch BTS. He is a vocalist and musician by calling and was brought into the world on 30 December 1995 in South Korea. His north of 10 million adherents on Instagram are sufficiently portraying his fury among his fans. His principal solo Christmas Tree got highlighted in Billboard Hot 100 on fourth January 2022. Starting around 2022, his total assets is supposed to be around $30 million. He really merits the second spot among the main 10 most famous male K-pop symbols in 2022.

1. Jungkook

. Jungkook


Jungkook, the most renowned and notable male K-pop icon from South Korea. Assuming you love K-popular music, we suppose you should know about the BTS band or Bangtan Boys, the South Koran teeny-bopper group. He tried out for Superstar K's third season and got dismissed there however many organizations moved toward him.

Jungkook got BTS together with the single 2 Cool 4 Skool discharge on twelfth June 2013 and is right now the most youthful singer in the BTS band. He has outstanding dance abilities, and subsequent to buckling down he has turned into a main male K-pop symbol. He holds north of 8 million Instagram adherents and frequently gets moving by fans on Twitter. A few gatherings on Jungkook's name are made by his fans on Facebook. His fans just need motivation to share and make viral things about Jungkook. In this way, without a doubt he is the most famous male K-pop symbol at this point in 2022.

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