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Top 10 Richest Female Kpop Idols in 2022

 Would you like to realize who are the most extravagant female K-pop symbols in 2022? If indeed, follow this rundown of the main 10 most extravagant female Kpop icons.

The explanation for the enormous commonness of female K-pop gatherings all over the planet is their captivating and wonderful female Korean popular music craftsmen. Female Kpop symbols have tremendous fan followings all over the planet. Being a fan, you'll likewise be interested to realize who is the most extravagant female Kpop symbol in 2022. Carry out the rundown underneath and know the response.

10. Boa Kwon

Boa Kwon


The K-pop sovereign and hit model appeared in 2000 and is going areas of strength for still. As a vocalist, model, artist, and entertainer she has made an abundance of around $10 million. That is the explanation, she is one of the most extravagant female Kpop icons in 2022.

Kwon has an enormous fanbase, particularly in Japan. She has been a social envoy from her show Produce 101 Season2. Her profit are credited to business ads, TV jobs, and obviously amazing music.

Her coincidental section into Pop world is worth focusing on. Just at 11, she got finished paperwork for an agreement on whose tryout she won't ever go. Today, she is an internationally perceived Korean craftsman. She laid out her fame in Korean music by her most memorable collection, ID: Peace B, And hopping into the world.

She greatly administered Japanese music space from her most memorable single, Listen to my heart. Her advancing pop style and development extended her fanbase throughout the long term. She has entered the US popular music world as well.

9. Jennie



One of the effective and famous K-pop icons, Jennie is the primary rapper of the Blackpink KPop band. Her complete name is Jennie Kim. She holds ninth spot as the most extravagant female Kpop icon with a total assets of around US$10-12 million.

Jennie has embraced different brands in South Korea, Thailand, and China which adds to her pay. She has countersigned performance manages lofty brands as Adidas Originals, Calvin Klein, Moonshot, D&G Downy, Zhenguoli, portable games (Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Brawl Stars), and Samsung. She is likewise the brand minister for Chanel and Hera brands. Delicate Monster, extravagance eyewear has made coordinated efforts with the pop diva.

Her extra pay is from her Youtube Channel, Lillifilm Official, and other online entertainment gateways.

8. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung


Jessica Jung is an acclaimed Korean-American vocalist, musician, entertainer, and business person. She is renowned for her melodic ability, stage abilities, and individual accomplishments. One more richest K-pop icon with a value of $10-15 million, all in light of her diligent effort and very much arranged moves.

Jessica fabricated her style domain under the brand Blanc and Eclare. She has been a previous individual from the Girl's Generation bunch. In the wake of stopping she focussed on her independent music collections as Wonderland, My Decade, and With Love J. She gave a lot of opportunity to her clothing image. She made a polished assortment for it.

Her concurrent pay from her youtube channel (Jessica Land) has around 380,0000 endorsers. She has her novel, Shine delivered which emerged as top of the line. Her Instagram supporters arrive at 9.2 million. She is likewise featured in lavishly contributed theater creation, Legally Blonde. She possesses an eatery called 'Clareau' in Seoul.

7. Taeyeon



The multitalented KPop sensation, Taeyeon has cut her place with incredible assurance. She is likewise among the main 10 most extravagant female K-pop icons with a total assets of about $20 million out of 2022. Her presence in the unit TaeTiSeo brought her immense cash.

This South Korean artist appeared in 2007 from the gathering Girls' Generation. Her profound voice and profound emotive conveyance made her a Kpop sensation. She heads an effective country's young ladies bunch and proceeds as an independent craftsman as well. Frequently, she is called Beyonce of Girl's Generation.

Her singles Into the New World and Kissing You are all-time pay attention to pops. Her singles I and Rain snatched Korea's main position. She is a prominent South Korean big name. She has been a brand envoy for helpful brands the Nature Republic and Banila.

6. Lisa



Lalisa Manobal otherwise known as Lisa is a famous Thai beginning Korean rapper, vocalist, and artist. Her fortune of US$20-25 million makes her sixth most extravagant Kpop icons in 2022.

Lisa is an individual from the different young lady bunch Blackpink and appeared with the performance single collection Lalisa in 2021. She is the fundamental artist and most extravagant individual from the gathering. The 24-year old is a faultless craftsman that has 500 million adherents on Instagram.

French organization Celone and Italian brand Bvlgari has made Lisa their worldwide image envoy. She enjoys on extravagance totes and feasting with her bandmates. Her well known dance moves and rap abilities not just settled her profession likewise raised her abundance. She is locked in with brand helpful Moonshot in China, Thailand, and South Korea as a brand minister.

5. Yoona


Yoona is the previous individual from the acclaimed Girl's gathering: the subsequent age. She was positioned as the most procuring individual from the gathering. In 2022, she has gained an abundance of US$25-30 million making her arrive at the seventh situation among rich female KPop icons in 2022.

Yoona is a rapper, artist, entertainer, business visionary, and so forth. She claims a design brand named Blanc &Eclare. Korean Pop was acquainted with the world by Girl's gathering as it were. Her consideration in the gathering would cause her high expense appearances.

Yoona has acquired well by showing up in ads of beauty care products, wearables, beds, departmental stores, gems, and numerous such items. Aside from the joined band's sovereignty, her performance vocation too brought her colossal cash.

Her profoundly appraised shows are K2, The King in Love, You Are My Destiny, Hush (Chinese dramatization), God of War, Exit, and The Miracle.

4. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori

Country's pixie, veteran Lee Hyori is a vocalist, extremist, planner, model, entertainer, host, and maker. She began her vocation with the South Korean pop young lady bunch Fin.K.L. Presently, she is related with Kpop bunches SSAK3 and Refund Sisters. She has a total assets of $30 million starting around 2022 that makes her one of the most extravagant female K-pop symbols.

Her gleaming skin, outlandish face, head honcho voice, style, and charging execution characterize her. Her introduction single Blue Rain and To My Boyfriend took the Fin. K.L gathering to levels.

She got Daesand grants for her performance single Stylish and 10 minutes. She pulled seven Daesand grants in her vocation. Korean media called 2003 The Year of Hyori/Hyori Syndrome.

Her relationship with Korean beauty care products for a business with Jessica Alba was generously compensated. She was a liberally repaid big name who embraced the soju brand, Chum Churum brands.

3. Bae Suzy


Bae Suzy

With $30-35 million, Bae Suzy comes in third spot for the most extravagant female Kpop symbols in 2022. She is a full ability bundle of being a Kpop vocalist, craftsman, entertainer, and model. Her fame likewise owes her enchanting character, immortal magnificence, and obviously the ability in her.

Commercial, support, and sovereignties are the significant wellsprings of her pay. Her consideration in the brand support is viewed as a Midas contact. She owes a high-benefit working in Seoul's most costly region, Gangnam. The property flooded high in worth and she snatches gigantic cash by means of rentals. Her affluent status and humble foundation convinced her to help those less advantaged than her.

She has embraced skincare items, tech contraptions, amusement parks, food, and considerably more. She embraced globally acclaimed brands as Guess Jeans, Reebok, Swarovski, Kerasys, The Face Shop, and Lancome.

2. Dara



Sandara Park otherwise known as Dara is a vocalist, entertainer, and TV moderator of South Korean beginning. She is a worldwide symbol of the K-popular music industry. She comes in second spot as the most extravagant K-pop female vocalist with a total assets of $35 million from different pay sources.

Dara is a style symbol to youth and is one of only a handful of exceptional big names who took the Korean film industry to a worldwide stage. Her presence and prominence diagram in the Philippines entertainment world says everything.

She appeared in the amusement world in 2004 as an entertainer from the film "Bcuz of U". Many top brands have roped her for support as Samsung, Nikon, Mitsubishi, Cleo moonshot, and Etude. She is being recorded as Filipino envoy for Kendell Jenner Line of apparel

By 2007, regardless of a solidified vocation in the Philippines she went to her underlying foundations and took a stab. Back home after certain beginnings, she teamed up with Korean vocalists named Bom, CL, and Minzy to make a 2NE1 melodic gathering. By 2019, her chartbuster numbers ruled the business. The gathering disbanded however her performance vocation continued to blast.

1. IU



Lee Ji-eun also known as IU is the most elevated procuring and most extravagant female Kpop icon in 2022. Her performance singing and acting profession make her total assets of $40 million. She is a vocalist, lyricist, writer, and maker as well.

Her gigantic outcome of the 'Great Day' in 2010 was the deciding place of her vocation. She proceeded to work and raised her cooperation level. This ultimately gotten him more sovereignty and her resource kept high rising. Promotions and music projects bring her cash like Samsung, Sony Korea, Sk Telcom, and some more.

She is acclaimed for not tolerating gifts from the fans. She is an eager social laborer who is giving grants to her alumna understudies.

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