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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Accounts in the World

 On the off chance that you are finding who has most devotees on Facebook and world's well known individuals on Facebook, see this rundown of top 10 most famous Facebook accounts on the planet.

These days famous people and web-based entertainment have an extraordinary holding. The majority of the famous superstars utilize virtual entertainment destinations like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as their best stage to advance their unique occasions, forthcoming motion pictures or collections.

In this way, almost certainly Facebook is as of now one of the first class and most well known web-based entertainment having enormous clients base. You will track down records of each and every VIP on this virtual entertainment stage. That is the reason VIPs hold the record of most followed accounts on long range interpersonal communication destinations. Our last post is its genuine illustration.

In any case, do you have any information with respect to who has the most famous Facebook Accounts on the planet? On the off chance that no, you are arrived at the perfect locations. In this post we at top 10 about going to illuminate you such top 10 Facebook accounts which have the largest number of supporters. So how about we begin with additional subtleties.

  10.  Taylor Swift (72 million supporters on Facebook]

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is a vocalist and lyricist from the United States of America. She was brought into the world on 13 December 1989 at Reading, Pennsylvania. Being one of the most famous superstars on Facebook, she is additionally viewed as one of the world's driving contemporary recording artists.

This American top class artist has 2 records in the rundown of . Other than that, she is again having a spot among the best 10 most well known accounts on Facebook which shows her fame on the planet. She has 72 million supporters on her Facebook account.

This most well known Facebook superstar ordinarily posts her collections and stage shows on her web-based entertainment account. She has a colossal fan base from one side of the planet to the other. However she is currently not that much dynamic on her web-based entertainment account actually individuals make it a point to preferences and feelings to her old recordings like photographs.

 9.   Michael Jackson (72 million devotees on Facebook)

Michael Jackson


Well known artist, performer and pop vocalist Michael Jackson hold his record having one of the most famous Facebook pages on the planet. The intriguing thing is almost 10 years after his passing still his Facebook account effectively hold among the main 10 most followed Facebook accounts. Other than that, he is currently at the top among the

Michael Jackson was an unbelievable artist and pop craftsman in this world. You will find a few recollections and wonders during his experience on his Facebook account. He was the champ of lifetime accomplishment grants and holds the world Guinness World Records for his few records in the realm of diversion. Despite the fact that he has been died still he has many fans all over the planet and his well known moonwalk is extremely famous among individuals.

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   8. Will Smith (77.1 million supporters on Facebook)

Will Smith


USA's veteran entertainer Will Smith comes next in the rundown of famous Facebook accounts on the planet. With just about 77 great many supporters on Facebook, he is one of the most well known character on Facebook. Individuals knew Smith as a gifted entertainer and he likewise accomplished many honors for his uncommon acting expertise in a few films. He effectively accomplished four Golden Globe grants and two Academic honors. Facebook as well as you will find an immense fan following on various virtual entertainment like Instagram and Twitter accounts.

As indicated by the report, he has an all out total assets of $220 million which likewise make him one of the . He ordinarily shares individual life, advances his motion pictures on his Facebook account.

   7. Justin Bieber (77.3 million supporters on Facebook)

Justin Bieber


With 77.2 million supporters Justin Bieber Facebook account known as one of the most enjoyed and most famous Facebook accounts on the planet. This Canadian artist is well known all around the world in view of his astounding singing ability.

Justin's Facebook page is well known among individuals where he posts his collections, individual life recordings, and pictures that assist him with drawing in huge number of individuals and fans on his web-based entertainment page. He is a famous pop vocalist having nearly $200 million of total assets.

 6.   Rihanna (79 million devotees on Facebook)


USA's artist Rihanna's facebook account comes in the rundown of famous Facebook accounts with around 79 million devotees. This makes her one of the most well known individuals on Facebook on the planet. Individuals are only insane on Rihanna as she is a multi-capable lady. You can call Rihanna as a vocalist, finance managers, artist, entertainer, and musician.

Rihanna is one of the who has additionally tremendous fan base on a few virtual entertainment. As per a report she has around the total assets of $140 million and she has "The Believe" establishment which helps and deals with sick youngsters.

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  5.  Eminem (87 million supporters on Facebook)



USA based famous performer Eminem is additionally holding one of the well known Facebook accounts on the planet. Individuals are obsessed with Eminem for his extraordinary music and rapping style. With 87 million page devotees Eminem typically shares his melodic occasion shows collections and other music pertinent posts.

Eminem as of late won the Academy grant and he has a novel record of having 6 Grammys grant. Individuals knew him as a skilled entertainer, rapper and maker. What's more, presently he is likewise the most well known VIP on Facebook of the ongoing time.

  4.  Leo Messi (89 million adherents on Facebook)

Leo Messi


Who doesn't have a clue about the name, Leo Messi? Each one! This name needn't bother with any presentation. Argentina soccer legend Leo Messi comes next in the rundown of the most followed Facebook accounts on the planet. With just about 89 million Facebook page devotees Leo Messi has effectively dealt with his situation among well known Facebook account.

Messi is one of the and at present playing for FC Barcelona club. He positions third among FC Barcelona players by a 670 number of appearances. He ordinarily posts his football abilities; preparing and family posts on his Facebook record and gets enormous quantities of reaction from fans.

   3. Vin Diesel (98.2 million devotees on Facebook)


Vin Diesel

With around 98.2 million devotees Vin Diesel is one more most well known VIP on Facebook. This well known activity legend of Hollywood is renowned for his Fast and Furious film series. He has numerous stalwart fans all around the world particularly riders. He is an entertainer, maker, chief and, screenwriter from America who was brought into the world on 18 July 1967.

Vin Diesel ordinarily shares uplifting statements and numerous images for individuals that effectively gets immense quantities of preferences and feelings from fans everywhere.

  2.  Shakira (101.1 million devotees on Facebook)



Renowned Colombian vocalist and artist the enchanted hip twirl master Shakira stands firm on the second footing in the rundown of most famous character on the planet on Facebook. Other than that, she is additionally one of the .

Everybody knows Shakira due to her astonishing singing and moving ability. Aside from that, she is additionally respected as the .

Shakira has very nearly 102 million adherents on her Facebook page. She typically posts her stage shows and other individual things on her page. Most likely her Facebook page is a genuine gold brain and hits a large number of perspectives inside a couple of moments after her posts.

  1.  Cristiano Ronaldo (122 million supporters on Facebook)

Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo comes at the top in this rundown of well known Facebook accounts on the planet. This renowned Portugal soccer legend holds around 122.1 million adherents on his Facebook page which make him the most well known individual on Facebook.

Ronaldo is one of the most famous and as of now he is playing for Juventus Club. He typically posts his everyday work out meeting with wellness preparing and family photographs. Individuals simply love him in view of his outstanding football expertise and astonishing character.

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